Fabio Gurgel

Fabio Gurgel


Born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Fabio started his career in Jiu Jitsu at 13 years old. At 16, after winning a few titles as a blue belt and purple belt he became an instructor in the academy Jacare Jiu Jitus. At 19 he was promoted to black belt, being the first black belt from Master Romero Jacare. In 1993 he was one of the founders of the Alliance team along with Alexandre Paiva and Master Romero Jacare.Each year the Alliance team grew stronger and soon became one of the most important Jiu Jitsu schools in Brazil. In 1997 Alliance began its expansion overseas with the inauguration of its first internation affiliate in Finland followed closely by an affiliate in New York in 1998. Today the Alliance team has approximately 150 affiliates throughout the world and is 10 TIME WORLD CHAMPION which proves our strength, dedication and what unites this team.


  • 2016

    11x World champion

  • 2015

    Alliance Deca world champion

  • 2014

    Alliance Enea | Nomination for the Hall of Fame IBJJF

  • 2013

    Alliance Octa

  • 2012

    Alliance Hepta

  • 2011

    Alliance hexa

  • 2010

    Adult European champion, Alliance makes the grand slam and win European , Brazilian and pan World in the same year

  • 2009

    Alliance tetra campea world by teams

  • 2008

    Pan American champion of seniors and absolute weight , Alliance tri campea world by teams

  • 2007

    European champion Seniors weight and absolute

  • 2006

    Hexa International championship weight and absolute masters

  • 2005

    Tetra international champion masters

  • 2003

    Tri - Champion internacioanl masters

  • 2002

    International championship weight and absolute masters

  • 2001

    4 time World champion

  • 2000

    Tri world champion

  • 1999

    Alliance bi campea world by teams

  • 1998

    Vice World Champion , World Alliance campea by teams

  • 1997

    Vice WVC champion against Mark Kerr, bi world champion and absolute vice

  • 1996

    Tetra Brazilian champion, world champion, UFC 11

  • 1995

    Tri Brazilian champion weight and absolute

  • 1994

    Brazilian champion

  • 1993

    Foundation Alliance Jiu Jitsu

  • 1991

    Challenge champion Jiu Jitsu X Wrestling

  • 1989

    Degree black belt

  • 1988

    Voted best brown band of the year by LINJJI

  • 1986

    First title in the blue range

  • 1985

    First championship in the blue range

  • 1984

    First graduation the yellow stripe

  • 1983

    At first Jiu Jitsu

  • 1970

    Nascimento Birth

Alliance São Paulo

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